Lang Talent


You must take the following with you to the set:

  • Diaper bag for each child who still needs one

  • A work permit (they WILL send you home without it). Along with, Coogan trust account information, copy of birth certificate, and Social Security Card.

  • Toys, food, changes of clothes, homework for each day they are to work. Set teachers will be on set for any kids who are of school age, to help them with the classwork/homework they are missing while out of class.

  • Something to keep you busy while you wait. You will do a lot of waiting around, please do not complain about waiting. They are paying you. (Knitting, Books, School Work, Cross Words, etc.).

Other On-Set Notes:

The production company will provide breakfast, lunch and/or dinner for you, if you are working on location, but they do not have to if you are working on a studio lot. There will, however, always be a snack (crafty) table available for in between meal-time needs.

If you want to take pictures on set, please get permission from the set teacher or Assistant Director.

To obtain a copy of the commercial or print job, you must ask someone who the person on set is that you need to talk to in order to get a copy of the project. You must get this information before you leave the set. Generally, it will be too late once you leave the set.

Get a copy of the contract and sign-in sheet for your records. Please fax and/or mail us a copy.

Call us immediately if you feel that you are not being taken care of properly

Call me before you sign the contract if you feel it is not correct. We cannot change things once you leave the set.

BE NICE on set!


There must be at least one person, who is over 18, to accompany each child. It is a MUST. No younger siblings may go. If the adult is not the child’s guardian, you must write a letter stating the adult going with your child is your child’s guardian for the day.