Lang Talent


Your child’s welfare is of the utmost importance to us and of course, comes first. Please call us if they are sick or you are going out of town, so we can replace them on an audition. We will also stop submitting them until they get well or you come back. Babies might go through “stranger anxiety” and toddlers go through “terrible twos”. This is normal. Let us know when this happens, so we can “book the out” until it is over. If you commit to an audition then you are responsible for going. If your child is sick, then you must call us immediately so we can replace them.

Notification of Auditions:
We work until all of the audition times are given out for the day, even if it is 11pm. You must call us back immediately to confirm or you could lose the audition. If we are given the call the day of the audition you will only have a few hours notice. Sometimes these are the best one to go on, as a lot of people will not be able to go, and we would like you to try to make it.

Please look up the audition address on Mapquest, Yahoo Maps, Google Maps, the Thomas Guide, or your smart phone’s GPS, as soon as possible so it is saved as a recent destination for your reference the day of the audition. We will give you directions if you cannot find it on a map. You can also look in the back of the Lang Talent Book and there will be general directions to some of the most frequent audition locations. Each time we have to give directions, it takes time away from us trying to get you submitted for other projects.

Prepare in advance for emergencies. Please make alternate plans to get them to auditions if you are: working, your car is with our spouse for the day, you have another child who is ill, your car is in the shop, etc., etc. It looks bad for us as well as your child if you cancel or miss auditions.

Twins, Triplets, Quads, etc. we do call the twins CLUB TALENT LIAISONS when we don’t have enough children for certain projects, but that is for approximately only 5% of the calls that we get in.

Take our phone number with you at all times: 805-379-1371
Call us if you are late to an audition, so we can notify the casting director. You must keep a record of the agent we sent you through and what your child wore to the audition.

There is a 15% commission on principle projects and a 20% commission on non-union, extra (background) and print work. The SAG Talent agent on record for the project gets a 10% commission on principle projects and a 20% commission on print work. This commission is out of all monies received.

Office Hours for Talent:

10 AM - 7 PM

Please do not call before 11AM or after 7PM unless it is an emergency or you are calling to confirm an audition. You must call to confirm an audition at any time of the day or night. The answering machine is always on. If you get the answering machine during business hours, we are either busy doing submissions or taking a booking for another talent. If you call and the phone rings, but no one answers, we are on the other line and cannot get to you right away, so please call back shortly.