Lang Talent


We work on a commission basis, ONLY:

- SAG principle commission is 15%

- Extra, Non-Union, and Print work commission is 20%

Most talent agencies do not take children on until they turn 4. However, some will take them on at 3. The agencies will call the Talent’s Manager when they have projects for them and We do the leg work from there.

Pictures/Headshots must be put on LA Casting ( and Breakdown Services ( Set up your account on each site and we will connect them to our database.

Also include a picture of parents and siblings together on your LA Casting and Actor’s Access accounts, as we sometimes have commercial auditions that want REAL families.

Please send copies of current Work Permits and Trust Accounts to us for our records.

You must consistently update sizes and abilities on LA Casting and Actor’s Access. Please put the date of revision on the bottom portion of the “Hobbies and Skills” section of your account resume’s.


Pictures/Headshots are very important. These pictures are submitted to casting directors, either through LA Casting, Breakdown Services, or by hard copies. The casting directors look at these pictures to determine if they want to audition your child or not. It is like a pre-audition. Please get the pictures up on the databases on time. You must call us when you notice that the administrators have actually put the pictures up on the web so that we can paste it into our database. It looks very bad for you and for us, if we do not have current pictures on file to submit with. Please update your photos at LEAST every 3 months for growing babies under 3.


We work on a commission basis, ONLY.

This means that we do not make money, unless you make money. For this reason, we work hard for you to get booked.

- SAG Principle commission is 15%

- Extra, Non-Union, and Print work is 20%

We need professional colored headshots or composites. We will suggest photographers for you to use, but you DO NOT have to use them. They are photographers that agents we work with, like to use. We do not make a profit from these pictures. You may choose your own photographer, but remember that quality is most important. Quality headshots are absolutely necessary. The prices will vary from photographer to photographer and from print company to print company. Do your research, but keep quality in mind.


Acting classes are a MUST for children over 6, unless we feel that they do not need them. Some children under 6 need classes as well. Everyone must work at their craft. You do not have to take classes continuously but the more often you are in classes the sharper and more skilled your performances will be. We will refer you to acting coaches that our agents recommend.

We do coach our children on theatrical scripts for free, when they have theatrical auditions. You always have to be coached for theatrical auditions, either by us or another professional coach.

The advantage of having a manager is that you have a support system for you and for your child. We do a lot of extra things for you that an agent does not have time to do. We work with over 14 SAG agencies. You have a better chance of getting your child an excellent talent agent and of getting out on auditions if you are with us.