Lang Talent

At Lang Talent we are dedicated to diligently managing our talent’s careers. We provide 20+ years of industry knowledge, and work hard to get our talent out in front of casting directors, and booked on jobs; And we are successful. We maintain a less than full roster, to ensure that our talent get the attention and opportunities they deserve. That means that we carefully select and retain some of the best talent in Los Angeles. Casting Directors can depend on Lang Talent to provide impressive talent for every audition.

Here you will find the resources you need to get started in the industry, and to apply for Management Representation with Lang Talent. We are always interested in seeing talented new actors and print models; Babies, Kids, Teens, and Adults. We prefer our over 18 talent to be member of SAG, but will always look at exceptional non-union talent as well.

Below are just a small number of the
projects, which we have placed talent in.


Geico, Pine-Sol, Pillsbury, Home Depot, Pacific Care, Mazda, Toyota, Pepsi, Hormel, Nintendo, Iam’s, Burger King, Bell South, Wachovia Bank, Nintendo, WIC, J.C. Penny, Kellogg’s, Yellow Pages, Sears, Mattel, Bayer Asprin, On Star, Disney, Bounty, Windex, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Direct TV, Pac Bell, AT&T, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Lincoln, Chevy, Taco Bell, Loves Diapers, Church’s Chicken, Pampers, Carnation, Mitsubishi, Honda, Mennen, Maxwell House, Texaco, Fidelity, Visa, Michelin Tires, IBM, Mercedes, Downey, Honda, Gerber, Carnation, Pledge, OSCO Drug, MCI, Tylenol, Bayer, Mercedes and MORE.


The Shield, The District, The Division, Boston Public, The Practice, Rave, Martial Arts Family, CSI, King of Queens, Friends, Dragnet, Dharma and Greg, Malcolm in the Middle, Drew Carey, NYPD Blue, Unsolved Mysteries, ER, Providence, Strong Medicine, Mr. Show, Dr. Quinn, X-files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mad About You, Coach, Denial, Blade, Cracker, Visitor, Once and Again, Men Behaving Badly, News Radio, Profiler, Soldier, Cousin Skitter, Chicago Hope, Robbery Homicide, For the People, The American Family, Family Affair, Becky, Andy Dick, Resurrection Boulevard, Yes Dear, and MORE.


Spiderman 2, Kingdom, The Italian Job, The Hulk, Cat and The Hat, Mask of Zorro, A Man Apart, The Nutty Professor, Field Day, Marriage, Rug Rats Gone Wild, Hard Bitten, Crazy Love.

Daytime Soaps:

Young and the Restless, Bold and Beautiful, Sunset Beach, Days of Our Lives, Passions, General Hospital.